If not SAMSUNG then who

If none of the Samsung TVs don’t work well or at all with IP, and one was ready to replace their current Samsung, who does build a set that will play well with Roomie IP?

Panasonic, Sharp, and Elite offer full IP control with all or selected models per the IP Compatibility list:


If we had to recommend one specifically, the Panasonic VT50 and GT50 US models are extremely well reviewed this year and have some of the best IP control available.

Newly arriving 2013 models over the next few months will no doubt also add and change the playing field. We have not yet been able to test new 2013 LG and Sony models.

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Thanks for the always helpful responses. I use ir for my Samsung. All seems to work just fine. Basically using power control and perhaps screen format once in a while. All else runs thru my Yamaha, which really works nice on ip. My only problem is having the ugly ir emitter on the front of the TV. I wish someone offered a sort of lucite or fiber optic clip that snapped around from the front to the rear on the TV so you could hide the wire. I have tried the blaster on the back, facing down, hoping to bounce the ir off the cabinet but no dice. I have seen one or two sets over the years that had an extra ir receiver on the back. Great idea, I think

I know this is probably not the place to mention new features, but I will

For those of us who are planning to add lighting control of some sort, it would be EXTREMELY helpful to add an activity that could be trigged by sunrise and/or sunset. Locale determined by zip code or longitude and latitude. Just a thought for an already great product

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It’s standard practice for professional installers to rip the entire back of the TV off, break the shell of the IR emitter, and affix it directly to the actual IR receiver inside the TV.

That process is fraught with peril and not one we would recommend, but we just note that doing so is the professional solution.

The other alternative if your model supports it is Samsung EX-Link serial.

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