If then else commands

I have everything setup and running beautifully. There is one feature that emediatly jumped out at me though and that’s the ability to do if then else commands. Example. If the tv is off then wait 7 seconds before changing the input else change the input right away. My TV takes a long time to actually turn on but once it’s on I can change inputs fast. With rs232 you can query the unit (on my tv anyway, other devices may or may not have the ability to query).

Bump :slight_smile:

Is this in the works?


This is exactly what I am looking for as well. My HTPC hasn’t started the network card sometimes when roomie starts to send commands(have 10s wait).

Here’s another use.
When I turn off my Home Theater, I have set up Sonos to start playing, but I want it to be conditional. For an example: if you are watching a movie before bed late at night, I don’t want Sonos to start pumping music if its after 10PM to avoid waking up my neighbors.

Is the “if then else” feature available yet? being considered?