Implementing IP control for Zappiti 4k media player


I am trying to add Zappiti 4k to my configuration and I want to uise the new IP codes.

I am using DDK but I don’t understand how to encode the codes in the plist file. The list is as follows.

IPAddress/remoteCmd?id=0&command=POWER (Stand-by / Wake Up)

Any help or direction would be most appreciated.

There is an HTTP sample in the DDK. Given those commands are simple versions of the sample commands, it should be very straightforward to adapt that file for those.

Thank you.

Got this so far but it doesn’t seem to work!

brand Zappiti cat 4k Media Player codes CURSOR ENTER POST /remoteCmd?id=0&command=OK MENU POST /remoteCmd?id=0&command=MENU POWER TOGGLE POST /remoteCmd?id=0&command=POWER method http type 13

OK Cracked it!

Code below for anyone working on their own solutions. My issue was I was using POST when in fact it wasn’t required.

<dict> <key>brand</key> <string>Zappiti</string> <key>cat</key> <string>Zappiti 4k</string> <key>codes</key> <dict> <key>BACK</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=BACK</string> <key>CURSOR DOWN</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=DOWN</string> <key>CURSOR ENTER</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=OK</string> <key>CURSOR LEFT</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=LEFT</string> <key>CURSOR RIGHT</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=RIGHT</string> <key>CURSOR UP</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=UP</string> <key>FORWARD</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=FF</string> <key>HOME</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=HOME</string> <key>INFO</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=INFO</string> <key>MENU</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=MENU</string> <key>NEXT</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=NEXT</string> <key>PLAY PAUSE TOGGLE</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=PLAY</string> <key>POWER TOGGLE</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=POWER</string> <key>PREVIOUS</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=PREV</string> <key>REVERSE</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=FR</string> <key>SETUP</key> <string>/remoteCmd?id=0&amp;command=SETUP</string> </dict> <key>method</key> <string>http</string> <key>type</key> <integer>13</integer> </dict>

Any help with roomie on an ipad. For Zappiti 4k player?


I have asked Zappiti twice for a test unit and even said we’d pay for it, but no luck yet over the last few months. Make sure to send your feedback to Zappiti regarding that so they’re reminded.

OTOH AFAIK there is a codeset for it in the library and if you add manually it should work fine, but since we don’t have a test unit we can’t verify anything or add any of the cool stuff we just added for Zidoo for example such as the progress meter and media guide.

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