Implementing Toggle codes

my experiences with various methods and tools for making a code set for a remote control
that utilizes toggle codes ( despite what simple control DDK and knowledge base says … they are
not as rare as they think)
eg OSN satellite service in middle east currently supplies a "Humax 1002S " STB (PVR version) that requires toggle code support… and there are no (obvious ) units in SC database that support this STB

Its is NOT possible to learn toggle codes into simple control using the regular method… because in a toggle code remote control, each
key has two different codes that it generates sequentially .

My method …

  1. discover the code set in use
    for SC blaster - which is based on Global Cache Itach Flex hardware
    download the excellent tool "irscrutinizer"
    This enables the blaster to capture (“scrutinize signal”) and display details of the code set used by the native remote control.
    Succesive press of same key - will show the same code set but T=0 or T=1 (the two toggle codes)
    Note irscrutinizer has a bit of a learning curve - its incredibly capable and has a lot of funtionality and options. … you will need to reference the helpfile …

  2. Discover which codes are used by each key on native remote
    capture this in “scrutinize remote” tab and note what each key (" F= function" does)
    note that there will be two IR sequences for each key (one for first key press, and a slightly different
    version for the second (D=device, S=subdevice & F=function will be same ) … the difference will be in the T=0 or T=1 toggle code (parity) bits

  3. prepare each code in suitable format to capture and paste into RoomieCodes.plist file
    ( output codes in either global cache format or Hex (pronto) - the DDK will accept either)
    This can be exported to a text or similar “export file” for irscrutinizer
    OR captured via clipboard directly from irscrutinizer
    and then pasted into RoomieCodes.plist file

  4. use the DDK instructions and note how to insert the two toggle code sequences into each key “string”
    (separated by a “;” in the same “string” in the DDK file)
    Note this is VERY time consuming for a large number keys …
    Im sure that simple control development team have a much faster method.

Note : I did request SC support to assist - and whilst they were very responsive - they were not
overly helpful as they didn’t understand the toggle code issue. and simply stated "pls send us the remote codes"
Hence I did it my own (slow) way! … and will submit the plist file to SC for future inclusion into database.

I hope this may help speed a similar process for someone else who discovers the toggle code issue.