Import Export of configurations

I would like to have the option to import a configuration from another user account so I can make changes and then mail back to configuration to save a lot of time. I have one pontential user who owns very similar setups in 3 different locations. I would like to copy one location and import it make changes and save the update for next location.


This is currently the primary focus of a large part of the team. We expect to release the solution for this hopefully by mid-Summer. It wont involve any import/export/etc. Very automated, simple management of your client configurations. We expect to include this free with all prior purchases of Simple System via the reseller channel. Other channels will also be able to upgrade. The same functionality will also provide effectively true multiple home support.

Thank you.

Good to hear.
By the way, mid-summer eve is the 24 of June in Sweden this year.

Thank in advance.