Improved support for hard button remotes

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In the release notes of 7.2 I see mention of improved support for hard button remotes using automation’s. Is there any place I can read more details on what these remotes are and how I can use them?

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The support is generalized to all of the hard button remotes relative to the Automation panel. Pico remotes in particular though received special attention.

Thanks Will

I’d like to hear how people are using the Pico remotes with Roomie if any of you are. Some of the people in my family would prefer a physical remote for power on and off activities (right now we mainly use spoken commands to Alexa or Siri), but it would be nice to just have an old-fashioned on/off remote as well that didn’t require the long invocation to a smart speaker.

How does Roomie work with Pico? Is there a hub Pico communicates with that can send commands to Roomie as well or how does the integration work?

If Roomie has any physical remote integration, I too, would be incredibly interested in hearing more.

I’m now able to trigger a Roomie Activity from an Elgato Button from Eve. It should work with other devices. Simply put, you have a RR Automation watch for an event that is triggered by the button. In my case I have the button turn on the power to an amplifier that’s connected to an Eve Energy strip. The RR automation watches for when the power goes on the energy strip, then run Activity. If power goes off, then run Power Off of activity.

It’s not as elegant as programming in RR an Activity directly from the button but at least now my parents are able to watch the TV.