In-line activities, how are you guys using them

So I’m trying to find a reason to use in-line activities. How are you guys using them? Ive got an Apple TV and an nVidia shield and roku. Currently all the watch hbo, Disney, Netflix, etc, are activities on each of said devices. Would it make better sense to make these an inline activity, with or without the action panel? How are you guys using in-line activities?

Hi! I made a fake room called ‘engine room’ and programmed in there all the behind the scenes stuff. For example: turn projector on/off, turn amplifier on/off, etc. and I trigger them according to the activity. This makes the UI much cleaner and the switch from one activity to another that is using tue same resources much faster. I also divided the day in time shifts: early morning, breakfast, morning, etc till night, and I programmed automations to switch them on and off at certain times. This gives me a lot of opportunities using the conditions. For example: if I come back home late at night, when I push my ‘I’m home button’, it won’t open the shades but will rather switch the light on… and viceversa….
I hope I gave you some ideas. Ciao.