Incoming Call Pause

To turn on Incoming Call Pause, just open Settings and turn on “Incoming Call Pauses”. If you have an Activity open with a Virtual Remote that has a Pause button while receiving an incoming call, Roomie will send that Pause command immediately when the call starts ringing.

I must be missing something. How does Roomie know the ring is occurring. What connects to the phone?

How do I use the L5? - is there a guide I can read?

Incoming Call Pause watches for incoming calls on the iOS device. If you mean some other phone like a phone on your desk or something, that’s not related of course.

The L5 shows up as a controller just like the iTach when you use Add Device. The Tutorial video linked on the right side of this page would be a good introduction for that.

Got it, didn’t plug in the L5 so I guess that is why I could not find it…

BTW - great work with this SW, having a lot of fun setting it up and using it.

Thx for the help and have a fantastic holiday!!!