Inconsistent System Off Activity

I have an old ISSY99i controlling some older Insteon light switches. I can control the lights with no issues from the dashboard. I have also created some Inline activities that work fine. Dim/all lights on/all lights off, etc.

However in my System Off activity I cannot get consistent behavior where it turns off all three lights. In my activity when I power off I want it to shut off my AVR (works fine), my projector (works fine) and then delay 30 seconds so I can get out of the room. It just flat out won’t turn off all three lights. I might have narrowed it down to the “Delay All” command. I have it set for 30 seconds, and now I can get 2 off (the last two in sequence). if I shorten it it seems to work.

Any thoughts?

Anything other 2 seconds is going to be sent to your Primary Controller. So this is likely that your Primary Controller is not setup properly.