Increase size of remote window

It would be nice for the virtual remote window to be larger on the ipad. Kind of frustrating to have to scroll when you have a tablet in your hand. Maybe place the remotes in the right hand portion of the main screen vs pop-up. I don’t use the programming guide often enough so for me this portion of the screen is wasted.


I’d be okay with shrinking the remote size - agree that’s it’s annoying to have to scroll for different features on the remote…

I agree, it frestrating to have this nice big screen and have to scroll to get to features. It would be nice if the user could set how this works. Options might be:

  1. Allow the remote to automaticlly fill the screen when the TV guide and activity selector are closed (similar to version 1.3).
  2. Rearange the configuration like “ckole” mentions, let each user set which items are always visible and what is a pop up.
  3. Or maybe be able to move the remote icons around on the set up screen for each activity, dictating how each screen will open and what items will be on that activities main screen.