Indigo action group

I have the new indigo device/remote added to an activity in version 2.0.1. All my indigo devices appear and work. I can’t figure out how to activate an activity group. Is this possible?

Actions are executed via the .ACTION RUN command. Just enter the name of the Action as the parameter.

Thank you.

When I add an action run command there is no place to enter a parameter. I see if I add a set device command.

The actual words “Parameter 1” are very generic. So for devices like Indigo where they are more integrated, more appropriate naming is used depending on what is actually required. In this case it’s called “Device Name” or “Action Name”.

Thank you.

This did not work for me. A work around is to create a "virtual device’ in Indigo that activates the desired Action Group with a “light on” command. Once created, it appears as an available device in the Roomie - Indigo button command editor. This allows me to create a “.light on” button that activates an action group. Works great!

I filed a bug for this and they have fixed it as of today. Actions are executing fine now for me. In Settings menu, go to Last Update and you’ll get the fix.

This was resolved today in an update we just pushed to the Roomie Service.

The .ACTION RUN command should now work properly with Indigo actions without use of the above workaround.

Thank you.