Indigo + Roomie?

Has Roomie been setup to control Indigo (by Perceptive Automation) ? If not (please forgive my noob question) is it possible to get the Vera XML to use as a template and replace the vera HTTP calls with indigo HTTP calls (indigo does support http control like vera). Thanks.

I second that request.

I would like to see this implemented also.

Oh PLEASE implement this! I would love to be able to have Roomie generate an event that Indigo can detect without having to buy an ISY99-type device. I have a Mac Mini running the whole lighting control system already, that should somehow be able to detect a Roomie Event. If it can already do this, I’d sure love it if somebody could point me in the right direction. Thx. BTW: Roome Remote is as awesome for TV control, etc. as Indigo is for lighting control. I’m just hoping to marry the two somehow.

I couldn’t agree more pvallis. I integrated it into my SecruitySpy iPad App, Remote Patrol HD so I could see the action as I initiated it. Love it. Would be awesome to have that same integration when moving into a room to watch TV or listen to music. I hope the programmers here consider adding this, they are great to work with and I would be happy to test with them.

+1 for this feature. It’s frustrating that there isn’t an app that seamlessly integrates home theatre, security and lighting into one app. Roomie is so close it hurts. :slight_smile:

It would be really nice if the 2 companies (perceptive automation/indigo and roomie) could talk to each other. Their overlap is small and the customers could really benefit from them working together.

Indigo is very strong on the server side with larger networks, ie light /device switches and configurations, alarm system integration with more complex logic (if then else, with offline triggers and notifications schedules …
Roomie is very strong on the iXXX user interface and device code side.




One more vote for Roomie + Indigo integration.

+1 For Indigo Integration.

Absolutely would buy roomie if this integration existed…

It would be great if Roomie would integrate with Indigo, or at the very least support digest authentication to web pages so I can use Indigo’s web server to control the lights in a popup.

+1 Already had Indigo, and iTach WF2IR.