Infuse Integration with Roomie

An integration of Infuse library content with Roomie just like Kodi or Plex would be great.
Any chance of this happening in the future?

Infuse is a front end. We integrate with things that provide back ends. So as an example we integrate with Kodi and Plex (both provide back ends though they also provide front ends). We provide those back ends to users of Dune and Mede8er. Dune’s API just isn’t good enough to provide their back end as a front end to Dune.

Anyway, Zidoo provides a good in-between API with no metadata, but nice to be able to walk an SMB tree very fast in our Media Guide.

Point is, we try to provide Media Guides when APIs exist that make it useful, but the variance in what APIs provide is very diverse. I’m not aware of an Infuse API. If they have one, we’d evaluate it.