Insignia Garage Door Controller

In needing a garage door “status monitor” for our family, I’ve found the new [Insignia Garage Door Controller] (

Being HomeKit compatible, am I correct in assuming that it should also work/be recognized with SC?

Has anyone else used this device yet? I realize a new garage door opener would be a more “robust” solution, but in lieu of spending hundreds more and the fact that I don’t plan to use this for regular garage door operation, but rather to have assurance that the door is closed when we’re away (based on a recent episode where the boys left it open all day!)

HomeKit is pretty much a given. If it works with HomeKit, it will work with us. Garage Door HomeKit devices work well to the extent we’ve tested which is mostly the myQ/Chamberlain HomeKit interface.

Reporting back that these devices work GREAT…from the install, HomeKit setup, and auto sync with Simple Control (garage doors now are an added icon in the homebar). Very economical way to incorporate garage door openers into your smart home (without having to buy new openers!)

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