Installing on iphone for each user in the family

I have two IPAD mini 4’s now that i use for controlling most of the house - but one thing i’ve ALWAYS loved about SimpleControl (Roomie) legacy was that i also had it installed on the iphones of all 5 family members. This was getting difficult with the old legacy product - so i upgraded to an unlimited license of SC5. (didn’t need unlimited, 100 devices would do - but i went unlimited to see what else was there - and cuz i didn’t think it was too steep for the value i get from the product.)

Question is - how do i make the application available for each of family members the house? Some of their accounts are under mine in ITUNES family sharing - some are not - since they are over 18…

However, it doesn’t seem to recognize the subscription either way… can i make them guest users or something? i was hoping so - but that seems to require their own subscriiptions?

This is now (finally) super simple. You download it on all devices, pair them all with your hub. You buy the subscription on your device. It reflects on all of them as long as they’re tied to your configuration. If you don’t immediately see that, try using Restore Purchases on the problem device or just wait a bit.

However, I believe this scenario has a bug in 5.0.1. We anticipate a 5.0.2 in the near future that will resolve that to work per above. Use Restore Purchases on the original purchasing device after that if you had any issues prior.

ok… Not running a Hub here. I guess i have to look into what that takes… only way to do it?

How are you sharing a configuration among multiple devices without a hub designated? That sounds destined for problems.

OK - i figured out what was going on… you were right - i was using 4.5 hub - because i searched for Simple Hub. I also searched for Simple TV - which is what’s in the documentation… but it’s ACTUALLY “Simple Control Home Remote” for the TVOS version…

running the 5.0 hub now…

How is this done if your not using a hub? I don’t currently require a hub for my system. The free trial operates my system fine. I’m trying to use Apple Family Sharing to install and config on multiple devices.

There is no use case where a multi-device install does not use a Hub. Something needs to perform that role when using multiple devices. It can be an iOS device, a tvOS device, or macOS.

If you have a very casual scenario perhaps with just two iPhones, while we don’t recommend it, but you can just designate iPhone 1 as a hub, iPhone 2 pairs with it, and it doesn’t matter that much if iPhone 1 is offline as long as they catch up online from time to time. You would experience little sync issues potentially, just keep a backup. There are some people I know who are doing that and it seems to be fine for them, but officially you need a Hub and it needs to be online all the time.