INSTEON app Custom URL Scheme


I’ve been testing calling apps within roomie via Custom URL Scheme, however I haven’t been able to pull the INSTEON app to control my fan. Has anyone found the exact URL for this app? Thanks,

Cant help you other than to suggest to get an ISY-99 which i use and it integrates GREAT with Roomie in a far better way than a URL scheme ever could. A worthwhile investment. I created a pop-up menu with ISY commands for all of my lights, fans, garage door control, etc.

Has anyone found the URL for the Insteon Hub app? I’d like to use it to launch the activities that Roomie cannot cover, such as cameras and thermostat…



No one has this URL? It’d be great to just open the app within roomie until thermostat and cameras are supported…

This link should help … uch_urls&s[]=url&s[]=schemes


Hey Ara - I checked out the link you provided, but I have Insteon and not Indigo… so not sure this will help me out at all. Hey Roomie Admin, are you going to add more support for the Insteon Hub?

I used to use roomie with my insteon smartlinc. I think when the hub was released people were able to set it up with roomie following the smartlinc instructions. Now I have the isy, definitely works great with roomie.