Insteon Deprecation

See the following article regarding the end of Insteon:

Given this news, we will need to remove the cloud support for the Insteon cloud service in the next release. Obviously, it doesn’t work anymore anyway, but I wanted to post this logic here in case anyone is confused as to why something isn’t working.

It is the end of era, or perhaps well past that end at this point. I started out with Insteon in 2010 when I started developing Roomie. But I must say the writing has been on the wall since at least 2016. Onwards to greener pastures. I have been deploying Lutron solutions for many years myself, and Thread has been quite useful of late (hi Eve Water Guard!) in areas where old style Bluetooth HomeKit would have been quite useless.

I switched from X-10 based automation to Lutron RA2 in 2004 for a townhouse and then did my primary home in RA2 in 2006. I’ve been doing my own Lutron programming ever since. I now have lighting, shades, and HVAC all controlled by Lutron and Lutron lighting is integrated with Roomie. It all works great. We have an upcoming renovation that will add a new Lutron RA3 network to the existing RA2 stuff in my primary home. Hopefully, Roomie will support RA3, as well.

Insteon cloud is up again

We put it back in a while ago, read the release notes.