Insteon Hub Pro for HomeKit

Will Roomie work with this new hub or would you guys have to implement HomeKit support?

Should work great. When we get one, we’ll add it to the compatibility list after verifying. Anything that we control will not need HomeKit. Only items outside that circle we have not yet added like say Chamberlain Garage Doors if they are still planning a HomeKit product could be controlled in the future via HomeKit.

Thank you.

Did this work out? I briefly tried to add one at a job but it wouldn’t add via the insteon login. With the hub pro what is the suggested connection method?

Any updates on this? I can’t get this to work either, the hub is essentially useless at this point with my current Roomie setup.

According to Insteon in July, they stated the HomeKit version of their Hub shipped without normal API support but that they would be fixing that shortly. We don’t know when that might occur, so we continue to recommend buying the normal version of their Hub linked on our compatibility page.

Thank you.