Insteon issues when upgrading to 1.8.2

hi, i’m having a problem obtaining brightness feedback from my isy since having upgraded to 1.8.2. with the prior release you defined a default device when adding the isy to a room. it appears you no longer have to do that. what’s the secret to get this info with the new release? i’ve tried adding the device id when adding buttons while selecting brightness feedback but it isn’t working.

The Insteon support was so completely revamped for 1.8 that it is usually simplest to remove the old device and just add it fresh. The old default device concept no longer exists because all devices now work that way effectively. We’d recommend deleting the old device, adding it fresh, and make sure the device settings panel for the new device shows that the manifest is available at the bottom, otherwise tap that to Retrieve Manifest.
Thank you.

ok, did it. i then added an activity that turned a device on. the activity opens the isy remote, i didn’t use a remote design. when selecting the activity the device turns on as i wanted and roomie displays the status of all my insteon devices. exactly how do i define a remote/button that just displays the status of the one device i just turned on? again i tried adding a button to a remote ( i tried button, button slider and slider). the default isy is shown, feedback is set to brightness and i’ve entered the device as xx xx xx. it’s not displaying the brightness 0 or 255…

Button feedback is binary. It just displays on/off. You could add a slider if you want to see Brightness levels.

To restrict the remote to just one area rather than all devices, set the Lighting Area in the Activity Settings – if you have configured your ISY to know which areas are associated with each of your lights.

If you want to further restrict it to just one light, you could just set the Opens Remote field to None to force it to create a blank Remote Design and then just add that one slider.

Thank you.

got it, thanks! something to be aware of however. when setting up display or slider buttons it appears they will not display the brightness levels if you include the leading zeros in the insteon addresses. for example 1F D AB works, 1F 0D AB does not work.

another question for you, how do you delete remote designs now? the delete design button no longer exists in the edit design pop up window.

Good catch. We’ll fix that in the next maintenance release. Entering those IDs should work normally everywhere else in Roomie other than right there where you’ll need to leave off leading zeros for 1.8.2.

Deleting Remote Designs is in the Remote Designs Settings panel. There is a summary there now of all your Remote Designs and how many Activities use each one, and that also allows you to delete any design.

Thank you.

thanks! i have another question. it appears you need to use the isy’s remote in an activities “opens remote” field for any activity in which you want to obtain insteon device feedback? i can’t get insteon feedback using another remote for an activity while selecting the insteon controller in both the button and command device fields. is this working as you intended?

The Opens Remote device is no longer relevant to the feedbacks on the Virtual Remote as long as you explicitly set the Device in the Remote Design editor for a particular button, slider, etc. Support can help to diagnose any issue with that.

Thank you.

ok, i’m using opens remote for my tv activity so that i can change channels from the guide. i also want to see feedback from my insteon devices while in my tv activity. i tried setting the edit button and edit command devices, in the tv activity, to my insteon device but feedback is not provided. however, i do get feedback if i change opens remote for the tv activity to my insteon remote. probably not explaining this very well, want to take discussion off line?