Insteon - ISY-99 : Running Programs

How does one specify a program to run when using the ISY-99 device?

That would be the .PROGRAM RUN command. The parameter is the program ID number.

How does one find the list of program ID’s associated with a program name?

The ISY-99’s Admin Console exposes only the program name, not its ID.

Under a normally configured box, you don’t need that as the list appears on the page you would need it in Roomie. You can always get the list yourself by going to /rest/nodes in a web browser to your ISY.

If I understand your response correctly, the program ID can be derived from viewing the program list returned from the REST interface. The program ID of any program is its ordinal position in the list, starting with the number 1. Is this correct?

It’s probably in the web console as well. The program ID is pretty common.

You may get program id via YOUR-ISY-IP/nodes/programs and find your program in XML file by name. Look for “program id” label next to the name

Maybe because this thread is 2 years old but the YOUR-ISY-IP/nodes/programs did not work for me.

Here’s how I was able to get ISY programs to run in Roomie:

  1. Find the IP address of the ISY. You can do this by logging into your router. It will be 192.168.x.yyy. X and YYY are numbers you will get from your router for the ISY.

  2. Once logged in, find the program you want to control. Move the mouse curser over the program, don’t click on the program, a four digit number will display at the bottom to the screen.

  3. In Roomie, edit the activity to which you want to add an Insteon program. Once in the activity, click on Remote Design, scroll down to Add Button…,click on button, give it a name, e.g. Theater Intermission, then click on Add Action, select Insteon Automation ISY 99i. Click on .Program Run Then. Select Node, it appears that you can‘t change it as the “X” does not delete the 6 digit Insteon-looking code, but just start typing, it will take the four digit code you found above.

  4. Save your way out and test it.