Insteon lighting Scenes

I’ve recently upgraded to Simple Control V5 from Roomie Remote Legacy. In Legacy I had all of my home theater lighting scenes (TiVo, movie,etc.) on each of the remote pages. Now in V5 I no longer see my scenes only the individual lights. Is there a fix for this? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

There aren’t any changes to that in V5. If you had custom buttons, you can always flip those back on with the Force option, or just create new toggle activities for your scenes and add the appropriate commands to them directly. Support can provide assistance with these topics.

Ok, thanks for the reply. So it sounds like in need to stay in “force legacy virtual remote” to retain that customization to buttons? I don’t see any other way to access my scenes from a cloud service like Insteon.

The other way would be via direct commands in activities or anywhere else that accepts commands (eg. triggers, etc.).