Integra DHC 9.9 IP control

Yeh! I have got both my Panasonic projector and my Dhc 9.9 Integra receiver working via serial ip2sl. I have a question about the volume feedback though I can’t seem to get it to match that of the actual receiver? Any thoughts

I seem to have the feedback working now. The problem was the DHC 9.9 needed to be unplugged. I think? that seemed to fix it. I am not sure why after a period of time the feedback does not work . Typically it fails a day later?

I am having a problem with operation of the devices. It seems when I start the system at the start of the day the Integra Receiver selects the Last input used it was shut off. If I keep hitting the activity button over and over it will finally select the correct input. and then once it is in sequence it keeps working when selecting other activities. The strange thing is that the receiver is Serial port controlled, and if I use the test remote feature to select a different input it never fails? Please Help, I have rebuilt the activities and reloaded the devices numerous times.

Older receivers like that one often require significant delays between commands. It’s likely that inserting delays been power and input changes might resolve that issue.

Fixed! For some reason with components by Integra when you shut off control by HDMI the unit needs to be in monitor output main. It says it has shut the feature off but it actually won’t until the unit has been put back in monitor main and turned on and off. I am now up and running! Thanks for the help