Integra DHC 9.9 IP control

The 9.9 is not on the list because there is no such thing as IP control for it. It’s not that we decided not to support it, it’s that Integra simply didn’t build it. Serial should work fine with that model though.

I don’t know much about serial but with one of your adaptors would I be able to operate the DHC 9.9 well with feedback? Also,if I buy one of the serial modules will it operate my projector and blue ray as well ? Or do I need a module per device? Thanks

Not sure, but just wanted to confirm that the Integra dhc 9.9 does not have ip control ? I read on the web that it did?

If there is some kind of limited IP control in that model, it will show up in the auto-detection list. You can also try to force it by adding the unit via Manual IP on port 60128. If it does do something, it’s likely to be extremely limited.

Yes, serial will provide feedback. Serial is a point to point technology and requires 1 adapter per target device. Also, remember that an appropriate serial cable must be purchased separately. In the case of Integra, that would be a Straight Through Cable such as the one on this page: … F8&node=13

I also have a Panasonic ae4000u projector and I would like to use the serial port with it fo control. Could you confirm that this would work for me with the purchase of the adapter as well, also does this give me the most comprehensive control? With regards to feedback? Sorry for all the questions just want to be sure before I go ahead and purchase.

Yes, that Panasonic should also work well when used with an IP2SL/WF2SL.

Could you tell me if the Panasonic requires a Strait through cable?

Based on web searches, we’re 99% sure that is a straight through device. You might want to get one of the RJ45 adapters so you can repin if you want to be 100% sure.

For my other devices cd player and cable box etc… They have no serial or ip control, therefore I guess I must use the ir adaptors do I require 1 for each device or does one provide three emitters for three devices?

The IP2IR and WF2IR each support and come with 3 emitters and 1 of those can be swapped to a blaster to cover many devices.

Thanks for your help,I have done some research and global cache makes a product that does 2 serial ports 6 IRs and 3 switches. I am wondering if this would work as well, it has the convenience of having it all in one. The unit is GC-100-12.
Could you comment? Thanks

We strongly advise using only the iTach series as that series has many additional features including Multiple Connection support that in practice are requirements.

I understand that the multiple connection support is if I have multiple ipads or computers for control. I would like to list my devices and confirm that the Global cache Itach modules for each make sense to you.
Integra DHC.9.9 cotrolled by -Ip2sl this will give me the feedback for Volume,mode,mute,etc…
Panasonic AE4000u again -Ip2sl I am not sure whether this will provide feedback though from Roomie?
And Ip2-ir for my bluray ,cable box, and drop down elite screen none of which have serial connectors.
I also use two Apple tv’s which I anticipate using -IP control
And a Sonos system Also I plan to use -IP control
Any last comments before I proceed with this configuration. Thanks

Unless you are using the actual Apple Remote app - ATv is controlled by IR not IP. If your Bluray, cable and ATv etc are in the same area - the ir blaster can do them all at once.

I am using the apple remote App does this not integrate into the roomie Control? As for the balster each device blu-ray cable box etc… is built into seperate compartments and door is in front of all,therefore the blaster won’t work. I am also wondering about the global cache units that are powered by the ethernet cable do they work the same? example Ip2sl-P.


Roomie uses its own virtual controller on the ATv. It uses ir protocol. If you wish to use apple Remote App - you will be paging back and forth between apps.

The blaster may still work - try mounting it on top inner of cabinet aimed downwards. Otherwise if you get dual emitters you can control up to 6 ir devices in your cabinet from a single itach. I suspect that you already have an ir distribution system in place if you have components in a doored cabinet. You can use the itach blaster to activate that system thru what ever ir- receiver you already have. I have used the itach blaster bounced off a white wall to travel a total of 25 feet to control an existing REDhot ir system. Bonus was I didn’t have to snake an emitter to the IR controlled TV.

I have both wired and wireless itach units. Have had no trouble with either.

I need to set up two monitors(a projector and a Sony TV) from my Integra Dhc 9.9 .
I am concerned that the button for monitor main and sub may not exist on Roomies remote for the DHC 9.9. What do you recommend ? Also, I have picked up the Itach serial port unit for the Dhc 9.9 as I wanted feed back . Haven’t got to setting this up yet. Just trying to do some troubleshooting before I Get started. Any input would be great.Thanks

Can’t seem to get control of unit? plugged in Itach ip serial adaptor and added in the Receiver(into Roomie) but no control with serial adaptor? Any thoughts?

There is a lot more to serial than just plugging it in. We have a FAQ on diagnosing serial connections here:

I checked the serial cable it is a straight through as you recommended. I also checked my method of adding the device. I selected all models serial Zone 1-serial in the type window. Also, seems that when I test the remote I am getting Blue indication after the button has been pressed. The baud rate is 9600 from Itegra. Not sure what else to check? Any Ideas much appreciated, Thanks