Integra DRC-R1 Integration Questions in V5

I am a longtime user of Simple Control who just updated to version 5. I also just purchased a Integra DRC-R1 Preamp and I’m running into a few issues setting it up in SC and could use some guidance.

I’ve set the preamp to a static ip lease and added it manually using manual setup specifying the ip address and port 60128 (as specified on the compatibility page. I set it up as Integra Receiver using IP control for zone 1, set up the input mappings and added the device. I am able to assign input commands to my existing devices and get them to switch. (With a few difficulties of having some inputs not obviously on the command list and others that are not on the preamp)

I have a couple problems that I could use assistance on:

  • The volume indicator is not in sync with the actual volume on the device. It seems that the preamp has .5 db increments and increasing the volume on simple control ends up with different numbers on the screen and on the preamp. when using absolute volume the volume on simplecontrol shows 100 while the preamp is at 50 and won’t go higher. There is a discrepancy even if i switch both simplecontrol and preamp to thx relative volumes.

  • I have a question about the home buttons in activities. They always go back to the dashboard screen which seems to have only the last three used commands as opposed to the room i started the command in. I have one room in simple control (“home theater”) and when i select the room it i get the full list of activities for the room. clicking on one activity to activate it works fine, but when i click on the home button on that screen it goes back to “Simple Home” (which i believe is the dashboard) that only shows the last 3 activities I used. To pick another activity that is not one of the last 3 i have to click “Simple Home” on the top of the screen and select my “Home Theater” room before I can start the activity. This is an extra step that I would rather not do. Is there any way I can change this behavior? Can I make the home button for the activity go directly back to the “home theater” activity list?

I am a big fan of SimpleControl and would be more than happy to help improve the Integra DRC-R1 integration and/or config if I can help. Please let me know if i can do anything to help fix these issues.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have an Onkyo TX-RZ1100 receiver and I had some similar issues that were resolved during the beta of V5.

Why did you add your device manually? Wasn’t V5 able to recognize it automatically. That may be a prerequisite for simplecontrol to apply the updated fixes.


There are a set of about 15 very recent Onkyo/Integra and now some 2017 Pioneer models that must be auto-discovered in order for volume to be properly calibrated. If you added it manually and see this, contact support. We can stab your config to fix it and also tweak auto-discovery for your model.

Jeff and Will,

The Integra did not show up on the auto-discovered list and I added it manually.

I will contact support to follow up tomorrow.



Did you ever figure out how to have the DRC-R1 become auto-discoverable? I have a DRC-R!.1, and am having the same problem with the volume control with manual device setup, On auto discovery I see only the Google Chromecast option with the same IP address as the preamp. Thanks