Integra DRX Series Volume Control

Previously, the volume level indicator on Simple Control matched the display on the receiver. With DRX series ( example: DRX-4), it now seems to show a level twice the Integra display. This is problematic because SimpleControl limits volume to a number of 100 while the receiver is then at 50, severely limiting volume output. Any idea how to resolve this?

Sounds like you may have added that manually. Some Integra and Onkyo models must be added via auto-discovery in order to calibrate the volume level correctly. Contact support for assistance if there was some reason it couldn’t be added via auto-discovery.

Thanks, Will. It never showed up in autodiscovery. I am replacing that unit and will try again when it shows up. BTW, I am also running an Integra DTR-30.5 and 40.7 and have no problem with those, and they were also manually added.