Integra Receivers Missing TV input

Integra Receivers Missing TV input

Please add input so I can use optical output from tv to hear apps on my surround system. ARC not an option.

This is how I do it (without ARC).

One Time Setup (on Amp itself with its real remote)

  • Pick an Audio-Only Input to use (like CD or Tape)
  • Assign an Optical SPDIF Port to that input

You can test it now. Start App on TV. Press that Input on front of Amp and the Audio should change to Optical from TV’s output.

In Simple Control

  • Setup a new Activity called “TV Apps”
  • In Activity, turn on Amp and TV
  • In Activity, send key-press of TV-Apps button
  • In Activity, change Amp’s Input to the one your chose (ie CD)

Or maybe, just use an Activity where TV is already on (ie DVR), and add the “TV Apps” and proper Input-Select buttons to the Virtual Remote.