Integra volume control

Hello all. Setting up a new house with an Integra DRX-3.4 receiver. Control of it and it’s volume is working, but Roomie shows the volume at 100% when the unit is actually at 50% on the OSD. Is it a configuration issue? In the receiver menu, I have no max volume set, only a static turn on volume level. Has anyone encountered this before?

Manually override the Model field in the Device panel to be something that starts with “DRX-4” or 5 or 7 and that should fix the visual issue.

Will, I assume you mean in the device portion of Roomie, under advanced options. I did change to DRX-3.4 as the model within the device menu. Still did not work, the Roomie app hits volume 100 and will not continue to adjust the receiver volume up, even though it’s only half way on the unit. Very odd.

… Please read my message. “3.4” is neither “4” nor “5” nor “7”.

Voilà……worked as designed, Will. Thank you.