Integrate Zappiti into Roomie


First, thank you for Roomie! I am a long time user of Roomie and can’t do without it anymore. What I also use and can’t do without is Zappiti. It creates a beautifull moviewall and works great with my NAS and Dune. What I am missing is the integration with Roomie. Now I switch between Roomie and Zappiti all the time. I now many people use Zappiti.

I would realy like an possibility to use Zappiti inside Roomie, just like for instance Kaleidescape. Maybe with some tricks it is already possible? The database is synced locally to the dune…

Regards, Frank

We haven’t heard of that one before, but will certainly take a look if we see enough requests.

However, if your real goal is linking content to Dune HD players, we are introducing a solution for that in 3.1. XBMC/Kodi will be able to be linked with Dune HD players in that release, and Roomie will manage translation of paths on your NAS between XBMC and Dune HD. So you would be able to use Roomie’s XBMC Media Guide tied to your Dune HD player and Roomie will play the items on the Dune as selected from the XBMC Media Guide.

Thank you.

This needs a little it more explanation. I own a Qnap Nas and a Dune Smart mediaplayer. Where do i have to run Xbmc/Kodi then? I would guess on the Nas?

For what we are referring to in 3.1, you would run XBMC on anything that runs XBMC. That points to your NAS. The Dune doesn’t talk to XBMC, it just talks to your NAS like it does today, no changes. Roomie will just use the rich Media Guide from XBMC and translate the same paths on your NAS from XBMC to the Dune.

Thank you.

Since Zappiti remote control is exactly matching the Dune HD TV303D remote buttons (same hardware), it shouldn’t be difficult to have at least the remote integrated into roomie (see picture here below). But for the complete movie list display you’ll need to contact the Zappiti developers I guess.

I think I understand, so for instance a “Raspberry Player XBMC KODI 14.0 TURBO 16GB USB 3.0” would be something I could use. Just for scraping the series and movies and build the movie wall. Next, I can stream them from my NAS to the Dune. Am I correct? Is all the above then playable from Roomie?

Maybe you can advice an other device, which is well supported by Roomie, just for my needs?


+1 for Zappiti support !


@ the Roomie Team:

Will PLEX also be able to be linked with Dune HD Players ? Unfortunately my NAS don’t run XBMC, but PLEX.

Thanks !