Integration of the Guide with controller

Things i would like to see is:

If i click on show and it brings up the details, there should be a button to let me change the channel to it rather me having to go back to the remote and change it manually
I have directv, could the guide have better integration to the controller? Like if i bring up the details on it, there should be a button to allow me to set it to record.


Another integration could be a search window. And an integration for Tivo, like the Tivo app. Not all of it, as their app does alot but maybe a dbl click to get full description and a tune/record button to tune now or record later.


If you are doing tivo IP, there are quite a few commands available using html url’s (See program ‘pytivo’ for details)


Tapping the channel logo area on the left side of the guide tunes the channel already.

DirecTV does not offer a record function there. Not necessarily impossible, but certainly not published. We’d have to reverse engineer unpublished methods. (Which we do all the time of course.)

TiVo on the other hand does offer all of that and much more, though it is undocumented to be sure. We already have a vast amount of additional unreleased TiVo functionality as per prior threads on that and we make that available to user requests for beta testing. Adding a Record function is trivial. Actually releasing that into the public builds though means getting a certificate from TiVo, and that is a process that we do not know yet know how long it takes because apparently we have not reached the end though it has been right around the corner since we finished it in June.