Intercomm Auto-Answer

Is the intercom functionality (either in the Roomie Remote app or the Intercomm app) simply preprogrammed to auto-answer only if the app is opened on someone’s device, or is there a way to force it to auto-answer even if the app is closed on the device?

I was hoping to use this on my kids’ devices but didn’t want to have them open the app first or accept the incoming intercom connection if at all possible. In other words, forced auto-answer would be preferred even if the app isn’t currently opened.

We can’t force an app to the foreground on iOS. So either you leave the app in the foreground, decide you don’t need auto-answer, or use Sonos as a target and decide you don’t need 2 way.

In general the best solutions to this are (1) use a dedicated device locked into Guided Access mode on a charger – Roomie or Intercomm are thus always foreground. I personally use this solution – the current iPhone SE 3 or iPad mini 6 are excellent choices here. (2) use a Sonos speaker as the target – the downside there being it’s 1 way. I use this for rooms that are less important like a Guest Room or common rooms.