Intercomm Now Available

Hands-free audio and video conferencing instantly throughout your home.
Broadcast announcements to Sonos speakers.
Intercom communication evolved!



  • Auto-answer, hands-free, multi-party video and audio conferencing.
  • Scales from simple deployments using only personal devices to large homes with dedicated devices.
  • Works even when you’re away from home or the app is not in the foreground.
  • No need to maintain contact lists. Automatically assembles your rooms and/or personal devices as contacts when they appear on your local network. You can also allow others to join your intercom group.
  • Free yourself from the limitations of message-based intercom systems like Alexa.


  • Directly integrates with Sonos speakers to record and broadcast announcements. Control the announcement volume, and choose individual or all Sonos speakers to target.
  • Announcements broadcast to your home speakers even if you’re not home.

This app requires an active subscription. Subscriptions begin with a free trial. Choose a monthly or annual subscription. Each provides identical functionality. Intercomm Service subscriptions are shared via Apple Family Sharing.

Intercomm is also available as part of Roomie Remote 6.7 (that is the version matching the functionality of Intercomm 1.0). Intercomm can be licensed as a separate app with its own inexpensive subscription, or as part of the Roomie app included with the Unlimited level.

Roomie Remote established in 2010 as a provider of home automation apps. We bring many decades of experience with Apple’s platforms, and our apps never collect your data. Local network intercom calls never leave your network. No metadata regarding calls is received or stored by our systems. All audio and video is secured and sent directly between call parties. Video can be disabled on a per-device basis.

  • Both Alexa and HomePod offer a record-and-forward announcement feature that is not related to this product. Intercomm provides a full intercom solution including live multi-party audio and video.
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A note that update to v6.7.0 had the intercomm icon in the homebar (by default, I presume). However since I don’t plan to utilize the functionality at this time and I’d prefer the icon be hidden, instinct told me to go to settings, where I found an Intercomm menu, yet “enable intercomm” was already disabled.

After continuing to look, I toggled the “enable intercomm” and was prompted with a warning that unlimited is needed. After clicking ok the icon was ultimately removed from the homebar as desired.

Today we released Version 1.1 of Intercomm. This has a major new feature:

  • Intercomm now detects voice commands! It works even during calls. Say “Intercomm hangup” to hangup. Or “Intercomm Master Bedroom” to contact for example a device named “Master Bedroom”. Or “Intercomm all” to contact every online Intercomm. It is recommended to use common names for each of your locations to ensure reliable recognition.

We may one day extend this technology of built-in voice control to Roomie. For now, it works excellently in Intercomm. The Intercomm aspect of this voice control will also appear in the next release of Roomie.