iOS 14 Widget

Loaded ios14. I do not see that roomie widget is available in the home screen widget options? Am I missing something?


iOS 14 now has a sort of mini-widget style and the more traditional normal widgets. Almost all widgets are obviously the normal widgets, but some new mini widgets exist from Apple and they put them at the top. Anyway if you scroll down past those mini-widgets, you will find all of the normal widgets.

Yes, I see the widgets below the mini widgets in the widget page (swipe all the way left), but the app widgets (roomie for example) are not available to add to the home screen when in “jiggle” mode (only apple widgets are available).


Jiggle mode is for mini widgets. Scroll down like I said or Google and you can probably find iOS help on how to manage widgets.

Did a little research, looks like Roomie’s widget is an ios 13 widget as are almost all others except for a few apps. Unless its an ios 14 widget, it cannot be added to the home screen or mixed in with the other apps (can only be viewed in the Today view or swipe left.


In other words, they work the same way they always did and do all the things they did before. Yes.

Meanwhile, the new mini-widgets have essentially no interactive capability and are only for things that have very infrequent updates like weather or calendar. So because they do almost nothing, they are able to put into places Apple is sensitive about such. If you have to update every second and have more than 1 button, the new mini-widget is not architecturally viable for now.