iOS 8 Family Sharing?

Does Roomie plan to support Family Sharing for the app and IAPs? Would be nice to not have to fuss with changing Apple IDs on family devices.

Yes, we have enabled that. It only works on iOS 8 of course.

Thank you.

Great news. While I will never criticize a developer for adopting a paid upgrade strategy or one device per purchase, those that choose to be especially generous deserve to be recognized.

Family Sharing doesn’t support IAPs, each member would have to repay for the IAP. Will future versions of Roomie support regular app purchases that includes all features? Or is there any way to somehow allow Family Sharing while also sharing the features of the IAPs?

Do you have documentation for that? Apple’s guide implies that in-app purchases are at least partially shared: … y-sharing/

It would be good to get a clear document from them on how it works. We don’t have any role in it other than the fact that we approved Roomie to support it.

Thank you.

I don’t have documentation directly from Apple, but a few sites have already listed this limitation: … much-more/

^ under ‘important limitations’ section … ent_142908

^ that comment from a developer for 1Password stating the same thing, they just learned their IAP won’t be supported

Interesting. Well that’s probably true then and as you can see from those posts, pretty much only Apple seems to know about that. Sounds like something obvious Apple would fix perhaps even in a maintenance release.

Anyway, the old method to handle this that we’ve documented for years still works fine:

Thank you.