iOS Shortcuts app

In SC I have a relay controller setup for opening and closing my garage door.
I would like to create a shortcut within the iOS Shortcuts app that will open my door and do a few other things. But, right now all I see in the shortcuts app that’s related to SC is to Start and Stop rooms. How do I make the relay appear thru SC in the shortcuts app?

The Shortcuts app is not really tied into the whole Siri Shortcuts system. It looks like it’s tied into super common things, but actually it was a third-party app Apple acquired not long before they introduced Siri Shortcuts, so there was nowhere near enough time for them to integrate it correctly. Anyway, basically I would call getting things into the Shortcuts app luck-based. You need to get something cached into Siri so that it will be a recommendation. There is no explicit lookup.

Oh, okay thanks.
Any recommendations for how to get something cached?
Would it be by using it a few times?

Yes, using it. But the factors involved in how Siri prioritizes those are a mystery.

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Ok well I’ll keep trying then.


I have created macros within the Shortcuts app separate from SC. Is there a way to trigger that Shortcut from within SC, either by using a URL scheme or an SC command?

There seems to be a lot of excitement regarding the new Siri shortcuts in iOS 13. How will this impact SimpleControl?

There are a lot of new Shortcuts related features in V6. Still waiting on Apple as usual every September.

I have created multiple shortcuts utilizing Roomie Remote. Wanting to know if there is any update to this thread. My issue is that when i launch a specific Roomie activity through Shortcuts and then tell Shortcuts to open Roomie as the last command via scripting I can’t seem to find a way make it open to the specific activity I just launched. It’s opens Roomie with the last Activity I was using. I want this so that when I say “Start Living Room TV” it automatically pulls up the control pad on my phone.

I’ve got about 100 devices utilizing Roomie so I have certainly spent my time trying to figure this out. Hopefully I’m just looking over some simple command. I can’t find the “shortcut” for “go to x activity” anywhere. But as the above thread states it may not be that easy.

Hope that all makes sense…thanks in advance.

I use this multiple times a day with an NFC tag on the dining table and it works great for me. If that activity isn’t running, most likely you have a setup problem with your Primary Controller.

I also use NFC tags. That first line is actually very helpful itself bc I couldn’t figure out a way to use a single NFC tag for on AND off of an activity. Didn’t think to make it look directly at the TV power. So simple.

So if you hypothetically had a Bathroom TV (with NFC) and your phone was currently on the Dining room activity…as soon as you hit that Bathroom NFC tag your Roomie remote App will also switch to the Bathroom activity? Because if I do that with mine it will certainly launch the bathroom TV activity but will remain on the dining room activity remote. At that point I have to manually switch to the bathroom activity on Roomie.

Obviously this is not a huge hassle but am trying to maximize the automation as much as possible, if possible.

My primary is an iPad Pro that is always on. If you still believe its a primary controller problem any quick recommendations on what to check.

Thx for your help…and the app.

There is an explicit “Set Room to X” intent in the next release.

Can you someone provide more information on how to go about setting an NFC tag to check the power state of a TV?

I would love some inspiration and ideas so would like to know what your roomie remote system is comprised of. What do you have for rooms and equipment and how are you controlling/automating it all?

I forgot to add something to the 8.6.2 release notes, so noting it here and then I’l add it for 8.6.3, but this is active right now.

The Set Room shortcut now works much better basically. You can do the following and expect it to be as reliable as NFC (which I wish was more reliable). I have found these to be usable enough that my house is now filled with NFC tags.

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