IOS shortcuts as Roomie activities?

Using all iPhones and Apple TV’s in our house. Using the Shortcuts app, I can create shortcuts to wake our Apple TV’s and open specific apps. Is there anyway to use these shortcuts as Activities in Roomie?

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I think you can just do this as a URL command:

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OK, found this URL layout that does the same thing but returns to the Roomie app. This allows me to remove the step in the shortcut to open the Roomie app and is cleaner.



This is great. The spouse approval rating of my setup just went up. It would be a great feature to add the ability to access the Apple TV Remote shortcuts directly in Roomie (i.e., without calling out to the Shortcuts app), but I’m guessing that’s a limitation of iOS. This will work well for now.

@Hdfanatic This is great and works, except it’s going back to my V5 Simple Control app (which I have to keep on my phone for the subscription). Thoughts?