iOS URL Scheme List

With the ability of iOS 9 to launch an app from SC and then return to SC from that app, launching apps from SC is very desirable. For anyone that doesn’t know how to do it, just type the address in the URL box (instead of inputting a command) and use Safari to open it. I have quite a few apps that I launch from SC and was going to start a list. If anyone can add the new Hue Legacy Gen 1 App URL Scheme that would be great…

here are the ones I use

Dune Zappiti Media App - zmcdune://
Hue App (original) - hue://
Hue Gen 2 app - hue2://
Hue Disco Gen 2 app - huedisco20://
Music Player - music://
Netflix - nflx://
Sonos - sonos://
YouTube - youttube://
Watch ABC - abcplayer://
Watch ESPN - watchespn://