IP Control for NVIDIA Shield TV (2017)


The new Shield (gen 2) does not support IR Control

But I know it supports IP Control

I downloaded the Google Android TV app to my IPad. At first it requests a confirmation code. However it recognized my new Shield and once setup was fully controllable including built in mic and keyboard.

Would it be possible to get the IP Control info from Google and integrate it into SimpleControl?

Thank you very much in advance.

I would like to see this as well. If there’s anything I can do to help make this happen please let me know.

+1 on this feature

If they publish a supportable protocol, we’re happy to look at it. My understanding is this:

  • nVidia didn’t add anything themselves, so it’s got whatever Android TV has. This thread on their site continues to confirm that:

forums.geforce.com/default/topi … mmands-/5/

  • Android TV isn’t controllable via IP except with the Android TV app which is not published. Whatever they are doing is uniquely unknown it seems to anyone right now. My basic impression from reverse engineering it a bit is that this is a warmed over version of the very old GoogleTV protocol that would be close to impossible to fully reverse engineer this new/custom implementation.

  • Using ADB should be possible for this. Unfortunately, Shield does not use the same ADB as Amazon Fire TV, so our existing implementation for that cannot be used for Shield. This is the only viable path I’m aware of right now.

Unless some other path comes to light, we will probably take a look at this at some point after the release of 5.0.

Note that the upcoming 5.0 includes much improved support for all Chromecast devices. So you can now wake nVidia Shield with that. Personally, I use Plex on nVidia Shield which also can then respond to the Home button so the sequence that works for me (with 5.0) is to wake the Shield via Googlecast and then send Home to PMP running on the Shield. Of course, that’s only relevant if Plex is the only thing your Shield is doing. Generalized control of the Shield will require something like the ADB path above.

Thank you.

Thanks Will. Is the only way to wake the shield tv with the googlecast option, which is only there in 5.0?

Or is there any option / approach to wake the shield tv before 5.0?

Hi . I love the new SC 5 release. Took a day to get use to it as it’s amazingly Engineered, really only thing i am missing is integration to the best tv box in the market (one of the only ones that offers youtube/netflix 4k). Can you revisit shield 2017 ADB integration?

It appears for user who wish to use Shield rather then just Plex app, we have to use HDMI-CEC from the receiver in order to navigate through the menu? Obviously there won’t be any text input and voice input option either?

I found a solution.
FLIRC USB (2nd Generation) Universal Remote Control Receiver for Media Centers and Set Top Boxes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS2V7GM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_Z6quAbHFERQ5Q

I ordered it today , will update how well this works

BTW We have IP control of the Shield in the next update… I mean including cursor control, Home, etc.

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When will the next update be?

Looking forward to IP control of the Shield.

that it awesome! any eta on it?

It is live now.


Thank you very much for getting this done!!!

Thanks for the update.

I am able to now control the nVidia Shield over IP, but only for a minute or so. After a short while, I get a dialog asking to authorize debugging. I select “Always allow from this computer” but the dialog comes up with every key press from that point forward. The only way to fix it is to close the app (iPad Pro) and re-launch. But after a minute the dialog reappears.

I have tried to reset the debugging authorizations on the Shield, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I saw one other report of someone who was having that issue. So far it’s not clear why it works for most people and internally we’re not seeing any such issue. It’s probably some variation we’re not aware of. Make sure your Shield is fully up to date with network updates and go through support for any further queries so we can try to nail that down for you.

Just to confirm I’m having exactly the same issue with with the new Fire TV 4K (2017) model.

It’s now controllable following the recent update but only for a minute before getting the same message as per the screen shot above so not restricted to just the Nvidia Shield.

Yes, this could affect both types of devices. It’s fixed in 5.0.10 probably this week.

If possible also add volume option for shield

Sorry if i’m being dense, but is there anything special I need to do to get IP control working? Simple Control finds my shield as a device, the IP it shows is correct but i’m unable to control anything. Do I need to enable network ADB or something like that?

Yes. Follow the instructions in the panel after you add it where it tells you where to find that setting on your Shield.