IP Control for Panasonic TV (VT60)

I have setup my VT60 successfully with Roomie Remote via IP control using a wired ethernet connection. The buttons that Roomie added to the automatically created remote work fine (including WOL) but I cannot find a way to access the TVs apps. On the remote that came with the TV, there is an APPS button that takes you to a screen of available streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon. The closest thing I can find is a button Roomie calls internet" but it does nothing when I press it. With Roomie, I can’t find a way to get to the apps screen unless I switch to IR control which I am specifically trying to avoid. Does anyone know if there is a way to add additional IP controls to the remote? Or if there is some other workaround that will get me to that screen?

Thanks in advance

We just pushed some codes live to the Roomie Service a few minutes ago for various apps and input controls. These codes are likely specific to the 2013 models.

To update immediately for Roomie Service users, just tap Last Update in Settings.

Thank you.

Thanks! That worked, I can get to Amazon easily now. Netflix is still missing although I’m not using it right now so it doesn’t bother me.