Ip control for Philips PFL series

Any plans for adding ip Control to Philips PFL series? It has full support for ip Control including on function. I use philips own app myremote and also works with MyUremote but i would prefer to use Roomie.

If you have any pointers to their IP control specs, we’ll be happy to evaluate it. We don’t have any test units or specs on that right now. We also provide our DDK that allows addition of devices to Roomie:


As always we also prioritize hardware with “full” IP control meaning you can also power it on and off from IP. Some of the TVs we haven’t added support for like LG fall into the category of IP control that doesn’t have that. It doesn’t mean we wont add it (eg Samsung), but there needs to be a secondary value (eg Samsung keyboard support).

Thank you.

The Philips myremote app is available for free and its open source. It works really well with the TV but i cant use it for my other Components and i dont want to switch between app all the time. If that is to any help i dont know!? Here is the app itunes.apple.com/gb/app/philips … 83783?mt=8

As long as the TV dont go in to standby mode you can Power it on with the app. It is also possible to set time frames in the TV menu when its possible to start it through ip.

I vote for adding ip Control to Philips PFL series, too !

Here is more info jointspace.sourceforge.net/

jointspace.sourceforge.net/proje … c/API.html


I am willing to pay for someone to integrate the PFL tvs with ip protocol into the roomie app! Anyone interrested who got the skills?