IP Control for Rotel Devices

I have a new Rotel RSP-1576 that is not on the compatibility list. The manual states that this Pre/Pro can use IP Control. (It has codes for Control4 on their website.)

My brief reading tells me that I need to create a plist on a MAC using BBEDIT or Xcode from the DDK. (And I don’t own a MAC.) But I’m not sure this is correct.

Any assistance/advice would be appreciated.

I guess I could glue an IR emitter on the front of my brand new Pre/Pro and go from there, (the old fashioned way,) but I would rather use IP control. If someone knows whether this IR approach will in the long run be the easier and more effective method, I would appreciate knowing that as well.

I can answer my own question. On the back of the Rotel is a 3.5mm “remote in” plug. Just get a 3.5mm cable, plug one end in to the “remote in” on the back of the Rotel and the other end in to the iTach device, and there you go. Oh, and get the IR “Model” codes for the last one listed, so it will have all the different options on your remote.