IP Control of Apple TV 1?

I’ve only been tinkering with Roomie for a couple of days. I love how DTV works, it took a while but I finally got linked to my ATV 1. Feedback however is quite intermittent, and it appears I can only go forward and back, but no scroll or menu options.

Is this the best I can hope for or is there something more I can do? I love the iOS Remote app and would love to see similar functionality integrated.

Any options?

We have a FAQ on Apple TV here:


We’re not sure what you mean by “feedback” on that as the Apple TV 1 has no feedback per the above FAQ, but all commands including MENU and others are supported via IR.

By feedback I mean the app displays track details and time information.

It sounds like you’re talking about iTunes Control as that would be what displays media feedback. iTunes Control doesn’t impact “forward” or “back” on an Apple TV though. iTunes simply takes over the Apple TV and does whatever it wants. If you want direct control over Apple TV, the above FAQ explains all that.

I saw this portion of the FAQ: “Another class of URLs that one might want to load using Roomie are app scheme URLs for other iOS applications.”

Can this be done with the iOS Remote app? Might that be my best option?

We think Remote might support a remote:// URL scheme but we’re really not sure. The best option today for direct AppleTV control is probably IR in our opinion. We have a FAQ on launching URL scheme apps though if you want to see if that is a workable path for you: