IP control of Pioneer VSX-822 from multiple iOS devices

Works great with one iOS device but the receiver appears to “hold” the connection to one device and doesn’t let another device connect until the app running on the first device ends. I’ve noticed it with both Roomie Remote and the Pioneer ControlApp.

Is there a magical setting somewhere that’s causing the issue? I don’t see the problem with IP control of my TiVo so I’m thinking it must be something particular to Pioneer’s IP implementation, i.e. it’s using a persistent connection rather that dropping it after each command. Anything that Roomie Agent can help with? Am I just stuck with reverting to IR control through my iTach if I want multiple, simultaneous remotes?

Yes, Pioneer receivers do have that single connection limit. Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha all used to have that issue as well but now all have alternate solutions. Pioneer does not yet have an alternative with IP control.

The solution with Pioneer receivers is to use serial if your model supports it. Because the iTach itself supports multiple connections, it works great to use that as the IP interface to the Pioneer receiver that then allows it to accept multiple connections.

Thank you.

Thanks. I switched it to IR and it works fine.

Does using the iTach with serial cable mean not getting all the advanced interactive feedback that the Pioneer/ Elite receivers support?


Serial and IP are functionality equivalent in that both support two way communication.

Serial works well with Pioneer receivers that support it.

There are some rare cases where serial has much more functionality than IP. Oppo Blu-ray Players are the primary examples of that. That’s purely a manufacturer design decision from back when serial was more prevalent.

Thank you.

Thank you. Just to confirm (before I buy an iTach Flex with Serial cable), If my Pioneer Elite Receiver SC-67 is supported—which I believe it is—I can use serial for all the functionality I currently have through IP, including power toggle, plus I can have multiple users connected (because the iTach Flex supports multiple users), correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

Thank you.