IP Control over Wifi?

I am considering purchasing this app, but I just wanted some clarification about device compatibility. I can imagine it’s pretty straight forward to wake up and control a TV that is connected with a physical ethernet cable nowadays, but do these TVs support waking up the TV and controlling it over WiFi? I don’t have an ethernet jack near my TV, so any smart TV I use will be connected over Wifi.


It’s a good question and one that does sometimes need clarification and does have special cases.

Wherever we are aware of it, we have made explicit notation on this topic on the IP Compatibility page. For instance, Panasonic’s 2012 and 2013 GT/VT series is IP Controllable, but requires Ethernet for Wake on LAN.

Meanwhile, Sony’s 2013+ televisions can be awakened just fine via either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

So the question is very much manufacturer specific and we recommend always checking the IP Compatibility list first.

Thank you.