IP Controll of Zone-2 HDMI on a Denon AVR-X3000


This is my first forum post, so apologies in advance…

I have a Denon AVR-X3000 with a 2nd HDMI port (which is connected to a 2nd TV) that can be controlled fine via the Denon IR. Basically the Denon’s 2nd HDMI port can either:

1.) play the same material as the Primary HDMI port concurrently (mirror of the primary TV) or
2.) play (& control) another HDMI-in source independently.

For example I can watch Cable TV on the Primary TV (Primary HDMI port) and watch a Blu-ray (or an Apple TV) on the 2nd TV (via 2nd HDMI port)…or watch the same Cable TV channel as the Primary TV.

On the Denon IR remote, to control the 2nd HDMI port you hit the ‘Zone 2’ button and then hit the corresponding button to control the input HDMI source. In Roomie, I do see a ‘Zone 2 Power On’ and ‘HDMI Output 2’… but am not sure of the command sequence to fully control it.

In Roomie, I set-up a separate “Room” for Zone 2 to control it independently.

Any help is appreciated.


Sorry to post a question, then answer it. But after digging through others’ questions and trial-and-error, I eventually did find an answer:

I need to create another device: Denon Receiver Zone 2. I had originally just copied the Activity from one room to the ‘Zone 2’ Room and was hoping to modify the Start Commands. But what needs to be done is to start from scratch creating a brand new device, selecting Zone 2 for the ‘Zone 2 Room’

I hope this helps others!