IP Port for Epson Projector


Sorry for the dumb question, does anyone know the port number for Epson projectors working on IP control?

Many thanks !!


What model projector ? Have you tried Port 4352 ?

Thanks for the pointer.

The model is EB-4950WU.

I’m trying to turn on the unit from a standby power state.

No luck so far with the following ports: 3629, 3620 and now 4352.

I’ve always wondered how we are suppose to come-up with these port numbers if not specified. However, it looks like they are only required when the device is using a Fixed IP (which I just so happen to prefer).

Now-days, your Router should be set to uPnP. Set the Projector to grab an IP from DHCP. Tell Simple Control to auto-detect it. In the Router, you can now Reserve that IP. Re-Setup the Device in Simple-Control and Test.

I think about now ( either in Simple-Control or in Router) the Port should be revealed. If you managed to get it working, but really want a Fixed-IP, you should have enough info to do that (and hopefully, it will still work).

We publish that port on the website. It is 4352. No need to stab around in other ports. It either works or it does not. Epson models vary widely on that front. Open a Terminal and use “telnet ipaddress 4352”. If it connects, it will probably work. If it doesn’t, that model probably needs serial or IR.

Since Will has provided a way to test it (I would try both awake and asleep) and have verified that Port 4352 also works with EB-4950WU … I guess now you have the option of trying Wake-On-Lan as well.

Thank you Will & Tesla for the advice. I’ve had no luck and will go down the global cache path. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

I know it might be an extravagant expense for some - although the Epson projector is not cheap - but i picked up a roomie blaster with a serial interface - and use serial on both my Epson projector and my integra amp - even though they both support IP. I found the serial support to be MUCH superior in the products…(projector and amp) and more reliable.

Yup – totally agree – went out and got the serial connection !