iPad Mini

Is anyone using roomie with an ipad mini? What are your Impressions of it on that platform?

I use Roomie with an iPad Mini and an iPhone 5. I use whichever device is close at hand. I think the Mini is an outstanding platform for Roomie.

Just started setting up using mini as my device. Mini is perfect imo. more screen size is helpful for channels and channel guides.


me three - love the mini. I also have it on iPad4, iPhone5, etc… like the mini the best - can’t wait for Retina mini. the size is nice in your hand… Only issue is the Volume buttons need to be larger on the mini - imo.

I use 2 iPad mini’s (as well as other IOS devices) and think they are great, perfect size for a remote!

I am also using Ipad Mini for remote. I am finding the size of the arrow buttons keypad etc …are to small and seem to hit them accidentally. I am wondering if there is a way to make the layout larger? My Ipad is the perfect size for keys that is. I also find the keypad for my Iphone is larger than the Mini? I love the physical size of the Ipad Mini just not the key sizes within the program. Any thoughts?

Can someone who has an iPad Mini take some screen shots of how roomie looks on it? Does the HD guide still work/look as good on the mini? Any usability issues with the smaller form factor? Are there any mini specific updates coming down the line?


I had mini and couldn’t stand the horrible display so i’m using three ipads with retina. two wall mounted one in living room, one in theater, and one portable.