IR Blaster issues

Hi just thought I’d ask here if anyone else was having this issue.
Just bought an IR Blaster, set it up and cannot send commands via my iPhone.
No problem with an iPad. It works, can open the blaster settings etc on iPad, but nothing on the iPhone, just weird.
I can log in the web interface on my laptop but not on my iPhone.
Hopefully there is a simple solution, but just can’t figure it out.

The only logical and obvious explanation would be that your iPhone is not on Wi-Fi but is on LTE instead. Whereas your iPad is.

thanks for the reply! I have tried your suggestion and completely turned mobile data off, and nothing? It is an iPhone 7
Funny thing I just tested it on an iPhone 6s and it works? Just can’t figure it out. So it works on iPad, it works on iPhone 6s, I have turned data off and it doesn’t’t work on my iPhone 7, also doesn’t work on my wife’s iPhone 8.

Now sorted. It was a problem with my network so thank you for the support in helping me figure out what was going on