IR device "Choose Type" window non responsive

Viewed he Tutorial video, set up WF2IR (seems ok, self assigned its IP address and system recognizes it) created Living Room, went to add device. Attempting to set up my first device (The receiver, as your site recommends) its the AVR 887 I’ve mentioned previously. The Samsung UN46C8000XF TV & the WF2IR display in the “Choose Controller” window (as expected). I choose the WF2IR. The “Choose Port” window opens. I choose Port 1 with an emitter attached to port 1 & the Denon. The “Choose Type” window appears. I choose “Receiver”. A blank “Choose Brand” window appears. Given that window time to refresh for the “Brands” to appear. No list appears, the Brands window remains blank. I already purchased the home theater & IR packs. The internet connection is active. In the Roomie store the theater & IR packs indicate installed but the installed “buttons” are gray, under intensified in the in app store. Im assuming thats normal. The “restore purchases” button remains on the screen in the intensified condition. Again assume thats normal to the in app store. Whats the fix please?

That can happen if the install never is able to download the device library. On a normal internet connection that takes about 9-20 seconds on first launch of Roomie. You will then see a message stating it was successful. If you try to add devices before that completes, the Add process wont let you complete (as you’re seeing). We’d recommend restarting your router or otherwise checking your WiFi signal or connection, or just waiting some hours for network conditions to resolve themselves. Then, restart your iOS device and/or Roomie to try again and wait for the success message.

Roomie is alive! After trying your suggestions, going to the in app “Compatibility” Tab seems to have “booted” the “Brands” data download. Selected the square button at the top of that page, slightly to the left of center. Almost immediately the down load began, alls good. Now a happy camper The set up is moving right along. Thanks

Strange just had this issue setting up Roomie on new iPad mini. Device upload would take aged, and either Eddie or never complete. I tried over 2 days per this and other thread. Turned wifi off/on, deleted app etc but what finally got it working was hoping into compatibility tab and hitting the white square (stop) button per above post. Next time roomie attempted to update device list all was good with the world!! Strange solution though.