IR device for my setup

First of all: Roomie looks promising, and is probably what I have been looking for now for a while. Great work!

My living room setup consists of:

Panasonic TX-P55ST50Y (TV)
Primare I30 & Primare DAC30 (Stereo amplifier and DAC)
Asrock ION330 (XBMC HTPC)
Apple TV
Canal digital (cable tv PVR decoder)

I think the HTPC and Apple TV will be compatible with Roomie in terms of powering on/off and controlling. The TV can be controlled once I get it on (but doesn’t seem to support Wake on Lan). The Primare devices are not on LAN and the cable PVR is probably not supported (?).

I suppose I will need some IR device in order to communicate with my Primare devices, the cable PVR and turning on/off my TV. What kind of device am I looking for? I suppose on of these will work:

Will this adapter cover all my needs?

My Primare devices are not on the list of supported IR devices. Will it be a problem to get them working?

Unlisted infrared devices can generally be learned using the IR learning feature:
Yes a Roomie Blaster adapter would the right choice for that list.
Thank you.

Thanks. Order is placed. Looking forward to trying it out!