IR device setup

Hi, new user and 1st post. I have purchased basic, HD and IR packs, but waiting on my Itach hardware to arrive. Am I unable to setup and ‘play’ with configurations for my IR devices until Roomie detects the Itach on the network…as I only have option to add an IP device when to try to add new devices. Thanks!

Yes, you must have an actual iTach or L5 in order to add infrared devices.

I’m trying to figure out if I need an iTach device, and if so which one. I have an Epson 5010 projector mounted to the ceiling. It is not listed on the supported list. It has a RJ45 jack, but I’m not sure if it is IP addressable. I’m guessing this will require a WF2IR adapter.


Across the room in a rack I have my Oppo-93, Marantz AV7005, DirecTV HD DVR and AppleTV. All of which are on the supported list. Can I assume they can be fully controlled through IP (i.e. volume, power, guide, pause, slow motion, etc) and not require an iTach? Thank you for the help!

You should take a look at the compatability list. Your oppo will need ir to power it up and the Apple TV is only controlled via ir. I have a projector setup where I have a wireless itach mounted on top of the projector using an ir emitter to control the projector. I then point the ir blaster at my equipment rack (open and about 12 feet away) to control receiver, blu-ray and Apple TV. You could move your blaster closer with a cheap extension cord if need be. The itach comes with a blaster and 2 ir emitters.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I ordered the iTech WF2IR device last night. I have limited space between the ceiling and my projector. Will it be a problem if I put the iTech in the rack, connect the Oppo and the AppleTV via the IR emitters and use the IR Blaster for the projector which is about 20 ft away? Thanks again for your help.

The only issue might be getting the blaster aimed at the ir window of the projector. The itach is a very small box it might be easier to put in on top of the projector or even Velcro it to the rear

Your suggestion worked great!! I put it on top of the projector. I had to reset the iTach to get it to broadcast the WiFi signal. I was able to use the IR Blaster for the projector and the equipment across the room in the rack.

Next on my list is to get the Epson projector commands working for resizing and 3D/2D.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.